Advanced features to give you
complete control over your operations.



1-1 chats, groups and broadcast chats


Tap to call staff, travelers or emergency contacts with masked numbers

Share Location

Share your location and trigger maps navigation to any point.

Push Notifications

1-1 chats, groups and broadcast chats

Safety & Operations


Create digital fences around any locations used.


Trigger a headcount an instant and find out who’s not around.

Gathering Points

Set a time and location in the future for participants to explore on their own.


Find out who’s checked in for the day and track absences.


Divide your groups into smaller cohorts on the go.


Assign groups to other staff on the fly!


1-1 chats, groups and broadcast chats

Allergies and Medications

Instantly access participants most critical information.

Automated workflow for every user


1-1 chats, groups and broadcast chats


Give your youth traveler’s loved ones peace of mind.

Program Staff

1-1 chats, groups and broadcast chats

Back Office Staff

1-1 chats, groups and broadcast chats


Host Management

Manage hosts in the back end.


Map hosts to participants with drag and drop

Check Ins

Set a nightly curfew and trigger automated check ins based on locations.

Back Office Operations

Staff Resourcing

Allocate staff and push their schedule to their apps automatically.

Event Templates

Set up your events just once and drop them into programs with drag and drop

Program Templates

Set up your programs and duplicate them to deploy them over and over in just seconds

Instructor Resourcing

Resource instructors to classes and display profiles and messaging with

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